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Waterproofing Systems 

BASF’s comprehensive range of waterproofing solutions provides protection from water ingress and damage from the basement to the roof.  Products range from the acrylic and cementitious products for internal waterproofing to preformed membranes and high tech liquid applied polyurethane systems.

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Masterseal acrylic and cementitious acrylic membrane systems provide secure waterproofing for all internal wet areas and the products are able to pass the most stringent international standards. The range includes products suitable for constant immersion and contact with potable water.

Masterpren preformed membranes are the solution for those large area waterproofing jobs where traffic is minimal. The Masterpren range includes both “peel and stick” self adhesive membranes as well as “torch on” bitumen sheet membranes suitable for roof top and below grade applications.

Sonoshield liquid applied polyurethane and modified polyurethane products are the choice when complex shapes or rough surfaces require waterproofing. The Sonoshield range provides the solutions for below grade external waterproofing, podiums and trafficable systems for light traffic applications as well as for roofing.

Masterflex products provide the waterproofing solutions for cold joints in concrete and include an innovative  re-injectable hose systems to ensure water-tightness can be ensured into the future. The Masterpren range includes the re-injectable hose system and a range of reactive resins to provide a water tight joint as well as swellable gaskets that provide a constant guard against water ingress through cold joints below the water table.

Conideck and Coniroof world leading spray applied fast cure membrane systems can cope with the most rigorous waterproofing demands. These systems used  from basement to roof and in many civil engineering applications. The Conideck systems comprises of a number of innovative products which allow a whole trafficable decking system to applied in 8 hours and open for traffic in 12. It also includes the toughest liquid applied membrane on the market with true crack bridging capabilities. The Coniroof systems are the choice of external waterproofing when complex shapes and fast protection are required. Conideck and Coniroof provide the ultimate waterproofing solutions in all areas of external waterproofing

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